Friday, August 2, 2013

The Big Three Five

The annual Sweet Dreams 5k was held the morning of my 35th birthday.  My birthday celebration began with a 5:30am wake-up run.  I do not run many races anymore, but I always run Sweet Dreams. It's my favorite race. It's a very hilly out and back course with beautiful farm views...and it's FREE. You can't beat free.

Over the past few weeks, I have pretty much been a slacker.  And my mileage has been low for the past few months. So I was not expecting a PR, I was just hoping for a "decent" time. My ipod was loaded with a carefully chosen and arranged playlist. (Sidenote: after creating the playlist, I realized I removed "Smack That" and replaced it with "Shake That." This girl loves some hiphop. My Memphis is showing.)

In my experience, running requires more mental strength than physical strength.  I struggle with the mental part of running.  My mind gives up long before my legs and lungs.  I can always gut through it (so I guess that's something), but I struggle with pace.  Not Saturday.  The playlist worked.  I wanted to slow down around the half way point. That is exactly when my "pick up the pace" song came on.  Not only did those legs keep moving, but my turnover did not slow.  My "speed" song was next followed by my "maintain the pace" song. Perfect music to keep a steady pace...all the way to the finish.  My time (29:20) was exactly the same time as 2012.  (What are the chances?)  I consistently trained last summer.  I did zero training this summer. Duplicate times = win.  :)  I also received the last shirt in my size and won a door prize.  Score.

We went to dinner and then to see Bill Cosby.  Best. Comedy. Show. Ever.  I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.  My jaw hurt.  My stomach hurt.  I cried.  I laughed for almost 3 hours straight.  Every. single. joke. was. funny.

Things I noticed at the Bill Cosby show.

  1. Kids.  Do these kids even know who Bill Cosby is?  It's not like they are growing up with The Cosby Show or Fat Albert.  The thing is, you can take kids to a Cosby show.  He's hilarious without profanity or vulgarity...a rarity in comedy.  
  2. "Old people" smell.  What causes this?  Is there any way to avoid this?  I do want to live into old age, but I not want to smell.  Is that possible?

I can't believe all the fun stuff I was able to do on my actual birthday.  It was a FANTASTIC day.  I moved my body, I ate good food, and I laughed.  What more could I ask for?  I'm feeling optimistic...35 is going to be a good year.



  1. :) This made me smile! I bet our running playlists are similar. So glad you got to see Bill Cosby too!

  2. I didnt know he still did shows!! Bet that would be fun! Glad you had such an awesome bday!